Appellate Law for Texas Trial Lawyers

Thank you for visiting! This Blog chronicles important appellate decisions that impact all areas of Texas court practice. What is unusual about this particular blog is that it is an appellate blog created for trial lawyers instead of appellate lawyers. Why create an appellate blog for trial lawyers? Simple. Because by the time you decide it is time to call an appellate lawyer, it is often too late to preserve error or perfect an appeal. Trial lawyers face potential appellate issues from initial client contact through post-trial motions, and everything in between. From failing to include a “Mother Hubbard” clause in a summary judgment order to refusing to provide attorney’s fees invoices and waiving your right to recover attorney’s fees, costly errors and omissions await the unsuspecting trial lawyer at every turn. How is one to avoid the seemingly endless array of snares and pitfalls awaiting at every step of litigation? Preserving error since 2013.

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